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Sunday, 5 February 2017


303  (later 24)  North Road
Photograph of the "Sir Walter Scott" courtesy of Glenn Woolley,
At one point the house was noted for its red and white glazed tile frontage, which gave areal impression of its former grandeur. From the door on the corner, there was a step downinto the vault, and just inside the entrance to the lounge, there was a table reputed to bestained with the blood of Annie Ratcliffe, murdered in 1881 by her lover, John Simpson,
who was later hanged. Annie Ratcliffre was the daughter of the landlord of the Olde Blue Bell Inn, Church Street, at the time.

1836              See the advert "TO LET" below.
1838 - 39               John Atkinson
1841                       Robert Atkinson
1841                       John Atkinson
1845                    Edward Hinde    came from the "Five Barred Gate Inn" Salmesbury.
1849 - 54             Thomas Bibby  (Could have been Richard Bibby - see 1851 Census)
                               John Ayrton
1858 - 59               Joseph Perkins Hinde
1859                       William Hopson
1861 - 66               John Hobson  -  In 1861 property owned by Mr. & Mrs. Humber.
1866 - 71               Thomas Bennett
1871                       Thomas? John Whittle
1873                       James A. Tomlinson
1877                       Peter Forrest        d. 1877
1877 - 78               Amelia Forrest
1879                      Thomas Whittle
1879 - 80               Moses Lutener
1880 - 91               Ann Quigley - went to live in Spring Gardens.
1892 - 94               William Edward Horsfield -1893 owned by Nathan Mather, New Cock Yard, Lic. Vict
1894 - 95               Richard Turner
1895 - 98               James Tydd Whitby
1898 - 1901           John Joseph Melling
1904                      Thomas Pinder
1906                      James Brown
1907                      Frederick Price
1909 - 10              James Camp(e)y - Was at the Derby Arms, Lord Street, in 1911 Census.
1910                      John Thomas Phillips   had been at the Spread Eagle, Lune Street.
1913                      Edward Mutch
1917                      Charles Simpson
1924                      William Eagles
1931 - 36              Thomas Pollon Elam
1940 - 44              Albert Hall
With Immediate Possession
ALL that well-accustomed INN or PUBLIC-HOUSE,
known by the sign of the SIR WALTER SCOTT, in
North Road, Preston, with excellent Stabling, lock-up
Coach-house, &c.

Further particulars apply to Mr. James Dandy, Fulwood,
or to the present tenant.
Preston Chronicle 14th May 1836
 Preston Chronicle  29th July 1837
Preston Chronicle  26th June 1841
Preston Chronicle 7th May 1842
Carlisle Patriot  28th May 1842
Preston Chronicle  18th March 1843
 Preston Chronicle  10th June 1843
Preston Chronicle  15th February 1845
 Preston Chronicle  22nd February 1845
 Preston Chronicle  13th January 1849
 Preston Chronicle  26th May 1849
Preston Chronicle   16th April 1853
MR. S. BANISTER -- Yesterday, at the Sir Walter Scott Inn, a valedictory dinner was given by members of the police to Mr. BANISTER, the Superintendent, his connection with them terminated on the 1st inst. About 29 officers were present. Dinner over, Mr. Inspector Rigby presented to Mr. BANISTER, in he name of the force, a handsome patent lever watch and gold guard. The watch bore the inscription, "Presented to Mr. S. BANISTER, on his retiring into private life, by the members of the Preston Borough Police Force, as a token of their respect for his unvarying kindness during the eighteen years he was Chief Constable of the Borough. 1st September 1853." Mr. Banister acknowledged the kindness and good feeling of the men in an appropriate address. Speeches, toasts, and songs then alternated in a most harmonious manner, and a pleasant afternoon was spent.
Preston Chronicle  3rd September 1853
Thanks Friends and Public generally, then:-
Thomas Bibby also begs to offer his best thanks to the
cattle dealers and farmers who have attended the market
 held at his commodious yard, and respectfully wishes to
intimate to breeders of stock and others, that the market,
which has now been established a period extending over
eighteen years, will continue to be held every Saturday,
at the usual hours.

Prime WINES and SPIRITS, and Home-brewed ALE
constantly kept.
Preston Chronicle  10th September 1853
After the new Police Station and
Magistrates Court had been opened 
in Earl Street, an excellent dinner
was provided for the members of 
the Borough Police Force, at the
Sir Walter Scott Inn, North Road.

The proceedings were kept up with
great hilarity until about 12 o'clock.
Preston Chronicle  8th May 1858
PEDESTRIANISM  -  Yesterday at Copenhagen Ground, Newton Heath, near Manchester, a match, in which the sporting community of this district were much interested, came off. Mr. Hinde of the Sir Walter Scott Inn, in this town, had bet Michael Burns, a lamplighter, residing in Preston, but better known among his sporting friends by the soubriquet of "Paddy of Penwortham," £50 to £30 that the latter would not run eleven miles within the hour. Paddy comments Ed his arduous feat between three and four o'clock in the afternoon. To make the distance, he had to go thirty-one times round (less ten yards) the Copenhagen course. He lost by five seconds. The feat was so nearly accomplished that many were under the impression that Paddy was the winner, but both the umpires decided against him. There was a RVconsiderable attendance on the ground, and much money changed hands, the betting being generally 6 to 4 on time.
Preston Chronicle  15th May 1858
On the 1st April, a match, which for some days had excited much
attention among our local sportsmen, came off on the Preston to
Garstang turn-pike road. Mr PERKIN HINDE of the SIR WALTER
SCOTT INN, backed his grey pony to run 14 miles in the hour, he
himself being the "jock" on the occasion. The race was to take place 
between the 2nd and 9th milestone, and back. When the young pony 
came up to "scratch," there was some misgiving among a few of the 
spectators, as to the animal's capability to accomplish the assigned
task, but its backers were confident in the fact it had been carefully
trained by "Joe Day."

The pony started briskly, and accomplished the 14 miles in four minutes 
under the hour. The feat was accomplished in continual heavy rain.

While the pony event was being decided, another sporting event "came
off." "Paddy of Penwortham" had been backed to run 10 miles within the 
hour, from the 2nd to the 7th milestone and back. He made a fair start,
but at the end of the 5th mile, one of his pumps burst. He ran for a short
distance without one pump, but he soon gave up. He had been tied to run 
in his flannel dress, the saturation of which by the rain also greatly impeded
his progress.
Preston Chronicle  2nd April 1858
Mr. and Mrs. John Humber, owners
of the Sir Walter Scott Inn and the
adjoining Cattle Market, drew up a
petition to oppose the proposal that
the Corporation were drawing up
plans to create a cattle market in the
Chadwick's Orchard area.
Preston Chronicle  9th March 1861
Preston Chronicle  14th January 1865
 Preston Herald  2nd December 1865
On the 16th July 1879 there was
a meeting of the creditors of
of the Sir Walter Scott Inn,
North Road.
Preston Chronicle  19th July 1879

Begs to intimate to his numerous friends and the public generally that he has entered upon the above old-established Inn, and hopes, by a strict attention to the comfort of his guests and keeping a first-class article, to received a share of public support.


Preston Chronicle  8th November 1879
Preston Illustrated News  23rd May 1874
 Preston Chronicle  28th June 1879
North Road, Preston.

Immediate possession. In-going low.

Apply - Pole Street Brewery, Preston.
Preston Chronicle 10th July 1880
Taken from the P.N.E. Handbook of the 1898 - 99 Season
James Brown, licensee of the Sir Walter Scott Inn, was yesterday, at Preston, fined £5 and costs for permitting gambling - a card sweep - on his premises. The defence was that playing was only for amusement and not for profit, and the defending solicitor remarked on the chances of the well-to-do to play bridge without let or hindrance.
Manchester Courier  11th January 1906
Under County Court Execution.
MR. E.J.REED will SELL by AUCTION, on FRIDAY NEXT, December 16th, a quantity of WINES, SPIRITS, and BEER, part cask of WHISKY, several dozen bottles of WHISKY, bottled beer and stout, seven barrels of Ale, and other stock: also a quantity of FURNITURE.
SALE AT 10 o'clock a.m. prompt for cash.
Lancashire Evening Post  15th December 1910
John T. PHILLIPS, (Late of the Old Spread Eagle, Lune Street, Preston) has taken over the SIR WALTER SCOTT INN, NORTH ROAD, PRESTON.

FREE HOUSE                            HOME-BREWED ALES

Three Leading Lines
QUALITY,                CLEANLINESS,                 CIVILITY
Welcome Old friends and New
Lancashire Evening Post  24th December 1910
On Sale, tow PIANOS, Bass Violin, Cornet, Trombone, Trumpet and Violin; all English makers - Apply Sir Walter Scott Inn, North Road, Preston.
Preston Herald  29th April 1916
No evidence for the prosecution was offered at Preston Sessions yesterday, in the case in which Albert Hall (43), late licensee at the Sir Walter Scott Inn, North Road, Preston, pleaded not guilty to three charges alleging the receiving of stolen coal.
The Chairman (Mr. J. Catterall Jolly I.C.), instructed the jury to bring in a formal verdict of not guilty, and Mr. Hall was discharged.
Mr. Jolly said he quite agreed with Mr. T.E.Hinchcliffe, prosecuting counsel, that the case was "too thin" to justify putting Hall on his trial. The formal acquittal was quite as conclusive, however, as it would have been had the jury returned their verdict after hearing the evidence.
Lancashire Evening Post  16th April 1942
Robert Atkinson                  25 years                         Publican
Mary Atkinson                    30                                  Wife ?
William Atkinson                 20                                  Brother ?
Thomas Atkinson                15                                  Brother ?
James Atkinson                   11                                  Brother ?
Mary Atkinson                    50                                  Mother ?

Richard Bibby                     44 years                        Gentleman (Innkeeper)  b. Walton
Jane Bibby                          53                                 Wife                              b. Chipping
Thomas Bibby                     26                                 Son / Innkeeper            b. Walton
Sarah Robinson                   26                                 Servant                         b. Chipping

John Hobson                      33 years                         Innkeeper                     b. Manchester
Elizabeth Hobson               40                                   Wife                                        do

John Whittle                       26 years                         Innkeeper                     b. Dorchester
Alice Whittle                      24                                   Wife                            b. Haighton
William James Whittle         9 months                        Son                              b. Preston

Ann Quigley                       37 years                        Public House Keeper     b. Bamber Bridge
William Quigley                  19                                 Son                               b. Preston
George Quigley                  17                                 Son                                       do
Mary Ann Quigley              12                                 Daughter                               do
John Quigley                       11                                 Son                                      do

Ann Quigley                       45 years                        Lic. Vict.                        b. Preston
Mary A. Quigley                21                                 Daughter                                 do
Sarah A. Quigley                 8                                 Daughter                                 do
John  Quigley                      5                                  Son                                         do

John Joseph Melling          34 years                        Lic. Vict.                        b. Preston
Mary Jane Melling            33                                  Wife                              b. Millom
Frederick Melling               8                                  Son                                b. Preston
John Charles Melling          2                                   Son                                        do

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