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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

PRINCE CONSORT, Stanley Street

18 or 26 Stanley Street

1863 - 98                Henry Durham
1898 - 1904            William Gornall     d. 9th March 1904
1907                       Joseph Durham.  Owned by Albion (Burton on Trent) Brewery.
Preston Chronicle  3rd November 1866
HENRY DURHAM, beerseller, Stanley Street,
was summoned by the Nuisance Inspector, for 
keeping pigs in such a state as to be a nuisance
to the neighbourhood, contrary to the Bye-laws.

In the backyard, the Inspector found a sow and
six young pigs, and under a cooler, two other pigs.

The case was adjourned for a week to give
DURHAM the opportunity to dispose of them.
Preston Chronicle 7th October 1871
LOT 10.   ALL that messuage or dwelling-house,
used as a BEERHOUSE, and known by the sign
of the "PRINCE CONSORT INN," with the
shop adjoining, and two cottages at the back,
numbered 18 and 19 Stanley Street, and
1 & 2 Back Stanley Street, in the occupation
of Henry Durham and his under-tenants.
Preston Chronicle  7th September 1872
Preston Chronicle  30th January 1875
William Gornall, beerseller, Stanley Street, Preston, has died under the following circumstances. Since Friday he had been confined to bed suffering from inflammation of the lungs. On Sunday, in his delirum, he got out of bed and fell down stairs, fracturing several ribs. He told his son that a man hit him on his head with a lump of wood at the top of the stairs. Death ensued yesterday from shock.
Bolton Evening News    10th March 1904
The Prince Consort,  an ante-1869 beer house, was next dealt with, Mr. Parker appearing to support the licence. The owners are Albion Burton-on-Trent Brewery Co., the lessee is Mr. G. D. Hale, and the tenant Joseph Durham. 
In the course of his evidence Inspector Clayton described the stairway in the house as dark, steep, and dangerous, adding that the late tenant fell down and broke his neck. Mr. Parker held the inquest on him. (Laughter)
Mr. Parker: "I shall be swearing you if you don't mind, Clayton." (Laughter)
Continuing, Clayton described the sanitary conditions as objectionable, and effective police supervision was impossible. There were two lodging houses practically within the beer house yard, which were sublet by the licensee.
Mr. Smith: "So there are facilities for illicit trading?"    "Exceptionally." There were no previous convictions and only one transfer since 1900. 
Mr. Parker pressed Clayton respecting the facilities for drinking, and said if a police force was stationed in the lobby he could not prevent illicit drinking.
"That does not say much for the police." (Laughter) "Well, it's a fact. Witness did not wish to suggest there had been any attempt to contravene the law. The landlord had conducted the house well."
Mr. Parker pointed out that the rent was £40 a year, and did not think the evidence as to effective police supervision was called for.
Lancashire Evening Post   14th February 1907

Lancashire Evening Post  12th April 1907
Henry Durham                     39 years                      Beerseller                   b. Preston
Marie Durham                     38                               Wife                           b. Ribbleton
Samuel Durham                   17                                Son                           b. Preston
John Durham                       13                                Son                                    do
Susannah Durham                11                                Daughter                            do
Joseph Durham                     7                                 Son                                   do
Peter Durham                       6                                 Son                                    do
Thomas Southworth            60                                Brewer                      b. Longton

Henry Durham                    49 years                       Lic. Beerseller            b. Preston
Maria Durham                    48                                Wife                                    do
Joseph Durham                   18                                Son                                     do
Peter Durham                     16                                 Son                                    do

Henry Durham                    59 years                        Beerseller                  b. Preston
Mary Durham                     59                                 Wife                                   do



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