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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

BRETONS' ARMS, Hope Street

Hope Street
 Known variously as:
BRITONS' ARMS (1867 - 70 & 1881); 
PAGANINI TAVERN (1838 - 1853 with a possible break under another name)
1838 - 41               Charles Cragg
1851                       Thomas Westby
1851                       Abraham James
1853                       John Seed            
1861                       Susannah and Charles Cragg Jnr.
1867                       Charles Cragg
1869 - 70               John McCann
1870 - 71               Michael Gibbon(s)  - 16.10.1870, fined 40s + costs for breaching the Sunday Act,
                                                              and recorded on his licence. Had already taken another house.
1871 - 73               Patrick Burke
1877                      Thomas Crane (It's possible that this should read 'Craven' or 'Craney'
1877                      John Dunckley
1879 - 82               James Ashton  - owned by Robert Richards 151 Lancaster Road and
                                                                     William Garth, Friargate, Butcher.
                    HOUSE PULLED DOWN.

Thomas Westby, landlord of the Paganini, Beer-shop, sought
to recover 17s from John Woods, for goods sold and delivered.
Westby said that on the 15th April, last, he sold to Woods a quarter 
cask of racked ale at 18s. He had been paid 10s.

Woods said he ordered the ale, but when it was brought to the
door of his house, the bung came out and the ale ran away. He 
bunged it up again and took it back.

Westby proved that the cask had been overset by a person who
 lodged with Woods, and that he had sold it before it left his premises.

Judgement for Westby in the full amount.
Preston Chronicle  1st June 1850
In a court case in 1857, when Thomas Westby was
forcibly ejected from the Talbot Inn, Chapel Yard, by
the landlord there. The Preston Chronicle described
Westby as 'a ci devant beerseller, and now a fiddler.'
A ci devant was somebody who lost their title during 
the French Revolution, and from the rest of the above quote,
it would seem that he also played the violin - and hence the
reason for re-adopting the name for the beer-house.
Preston Chronicle  15th January 1853

On Monday night, the journeymen hatters of Preston
sat down to a splendid supper provided for them at the
PAGANINI INN, on occasion of their secretary, Mr. E.
Williams, retiring from that office, on account of his 
leaving this part of the country. He had held it for
upwards of 20 years.
Preston Chronicle  26th February 1853
MARRIAGE  on 2md June 1860, Charles Cragg to 
Miss Susannah Jennings.
Preston Chronicle  9th June 1860
LOT 6   ALL that Beerhouse, messuage, and premises
called the "Britons' Arms" situate in, and number 9
Hope Street, Friargate, with excellent Brewhouse
and cellaring, and late in the occupation of Mr. John
McCann as tenant.
Preston Chronicle   5th February 1870
Between the 1872 and 1873 Brewster Sessions, an adjoining cottage
consisting of two rooms, was added to the premises to serve as a store.

In 1870, Patrick McGuire applied for a licence for the Britons' Arms. 
It was turned down on the grounds that he had previously run a
public-house "and harboured low-life"
Preston Chronicle 5th February 1870
Michael Gibbon, landlord of the Britons' Arms beerhouse, Hope Street,
was summoned for selling beer during prohibited hours. PS Carter said
that on the day in question he watched the house of the defendant. At ten 
past eleven he saw the landlord leave his own house and go into the brewhouse. 
He then saw a hand give some beer to a man through the brewhouse window.
He saw three gills given in the same way. 
Fined 40s and costs. The conviction to be recorded on the back of the
defendant's certificate.
Preston Chronicle   29th October 1870
DEATH: C. 24th May 1867, CHARLES CRAGG, Hope Street, Aged 82 years
Patrick Burke, landlord of the British Arms, Hope Street, was charged
on suspicion of wishing to supply beer to 10 men and 8 women on
Sunday 7th inst., at 6.30am. Constables Brown and Strick said they
had seen the barmaid with a gallon jug in her hand filled with beer.

She, however, said it was what had been left the night previous, and
was intended for the pigs.

Case adjourned for further evidence to be obtained.
Preston Chronicle  20th July 1872
Preston Chronicle  9th August 1879
Charles Cragg Snr                  55 years                Shopkeeper
Catharine Cragg                     40                         Wife
Margaret Cragg                      20                         Daughter
Jane Cragg                             18                         Daughter
Alice Cragg                            12                         Daughter
John Cragg                              ?                          Son
Charles Livesey                       9                          ?
Jane Livesey                           22                         ?


Charles Cragg                       22 years                 Provision Dealer 
                                                                            - Boilermaker                       b. Selby, Yorks ?

Susanna Cragg                      26                          Provision Dealer's wife            b. Preston.
                                                                              - Beer Seller
Charles Cragg                         3 months             Son                                                 do
Andrew Jennings                    12                        Susanna's Brother                            do


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