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Saturday, 2 March 2013

SLIP INN, Turk's Head Yard

Turk's Head Yard
Synonymous with the
Which was itself, the rear portion of the "Grey Horse," Church Street.
1863 - 65                William Boyes
1865 - 66                John Molyneaux -   (Mullineaux) It is possible that this man was the half-brother   
                                                              of William Sumner, the brewer and innkeeper of the Prince 
                                                                              Albert Hotel in Fulwood (later Sumner's Hotel).
1866                       Thomas Rostron
1866                       Alfred Sergeant
1867                       James Eastham
1867                       George Morris
1869                       George Nelson
1871 - 74                William May
1874 - 77                Joseph Redhead   -  The name of the beerhouse was changed in 1874 - see below.
Preston Chronicle  23rd July 1864

The word 'ship' instead of 'slip' is a newspaper error.
Preston Chronicle  19th August 1865
Preston Chronicle  4th November 1865

A renewal of the licence for the SLIP INN was 
applied for. The house had been closed for two months, 
and that its' owners (Threlfall and Co. Wine Merchants,
proposed putting it in the charge of one of their own men,
named Alfred Sergeant, until a suitable tenant could be
got.  Sergeant gave evidence of previous experience,
and a licence was granted.
Preston Chronicle  15th September 1866


Preston Chronicle  27th August 1870
 The licence of the SLIP INN, Turks Head Yard, was
objected to on the grounds that Joseph Redhead, the
landlord, let the adjoining house as a brothel. His
defence said that Redhead had left the Inn, and 
therefore the objection had been done away with.

Later in the article it says "the licence of the Slip Inn,
kept by Joseph Redhead, was renewed."
Preston Chronicle  1st September 1877

- possibly it meant that he had left the house that
was being used as a brothel?

PS. Remember, the name of the house was changed in
1874. Perhaps using the previous name to avoid more
bad publicity?
William May                     40 years                         Beerseller                    b. Macclesfield
Elizabeth May                   39                                  Wife                                      do
Priscilla May                     17                                  Daughter                                do
William Francis May           8                                   Son                                       do
Lily May                            2                                    Daughter                    b. Preston

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