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Friday, 24 February 2012

LARK HILL TAVERN, Richmond Street

34  (later 62)  Richmond Street
1869 - 74             Anthony Gillett
1874 - 77             John Pedder Anderton
1877                     John Hartley Cookson
1881                     James Craven
1881 - 82             Thomas Calvert    - Given as William Calvert in Preston Chronicle                                                                                         2.7.1881.
1882 - 97             Eliza Hardacre (or HARDIKER)
1897 - 1904         John Roddy
1907                    Thomas Steinson
1910                    Robert Slater
1913                    Thomas Nichol
1917                    Michael Dunagan
1926 - 27             John Lester
1932                    Beatrice Isherwood
1936                    Hugh Johnson
1940         NO MENTION.
MARRIAGE on 5th October 1861
John Pedder Anderton to Miss Elizabeth Chamberlain,
both of Preston.
Not necessarily the J.P.A. that was here 1874 - 77, but
must be probable.
Christopher Britland, a fish dealer, was summoned by
James Josephs, a wholesale fish salesman, for assaulting
him. Josephs said that he met Britland and some other
persons in Brewery Street, and invited them to take 
drinks. They went to a beer-house, and when he had paid
for some beer, Britland began to use very insulting
language, say that he (Josephs) had bought all the shell-
fish up and made them dear.

Britland then rushed at him and attempted to kick him,
but Joseph's wife stepped in between them and received
the blow. Britland again rushed at him and bit his finger

A man who was in the house and witnessed the disturnbance,
had to force the defendant's mouth open before he would
relinquish his hold of the finger. The witness said that
afterwards he went to see Dr. Ridley, as he was afraid 
of hydrophobia (laughter in the courtroom).

In defence, Britland said that they had had a quarrel at the
station that morning, and that Josephs had gone to the
Lark Hill Tavern on purpose to meet the defendant and
fight him.

The assault, he said, was started by Josephs, but the Bench 
found some of the evidence conflicting. They found him
guilty, but only fined him 20s. and costs.
Preston Chronicle  25th September 1880
Preston Guardian  8th September 1883
 Preston Guardian  22nd November 1890
Anthony Gillett                 52 years                 Beerseller                 b. Preston
Margaret Gillett                42                          Wife                                  do
John Gillett                       14                          Son                                   do
Anthony Gillett                 12                           Son                                   do

James Craven                  37 years                 Lic. Beerseller          b. Preston
Agnes Craven                  54                          Wife                                 do
Joseph Craven                  5                           Son                                  do
Mary E. Wareing             18                          (Step?) Daughter              do

Eliza Hardiker                  47 years                 Beerseller                b. Cuerdale

John Roddy                     39 years                 Beerseller                 b. Preston
Margaret Roddy              39                          Wife                                 do


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