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Sunday, 19 February 2012

HARP INN, Church Street

78 Church Street
The house/shop to the right of the Harp Inn, was once a beerhouse called "Fortune of War"
The Harp was in Church Street, the Fortune of War in Mill Bank.
The ginnel between the two was called 'Jerry Lobby'.
The picture could have been taken from the front door of the old Stanley Street Police Station.
pre-1832                 Mr. Rhodes - Timber Merchant
1832 - 35                Thomas Hodgson
1841 - 77                Robert Gardner        
1879                        Thomas Sefton
1879                        Christopher Yates
1879                        James Walton  
1882 - 87                Arthur Aston
1887 - 92                Adam Walton
1892 - 97                Mary Walton
1897 - 1902            Alfred Gibson
1902 - 10                Robert Allen owned by Alfred Gibson, Priory Lane, Penwortham
1911 - 17                Alfred Gibson
1917 - 24                George Tod     -  former P.N.E. footballer. Moved from 'Fortune of
                                                                    War' beer house next door!
1926 - 27                James Woodhouse
1932 - 36                Martin Lyons
1940 - 47                Herbert Iddon   d.Allen July 1947
1947 -                     Mary Iddon 
1948                       Harry Jackson
LOT  8
Preston Chronicle 11th August 1832.
Although I enjoy nothing more than encountering a
new beer house, I'm willing to accept that "The Hare"
referred to in Lot 8 is, in fact, "The Harp"!!
and so on................
Preston Chronicle 10th October 1835
Preston Guardian  6th August 1853
Preston Guardian  2nd October 1875
And a report of the sale: 
Preston Guardian  23rd October 1875
Church Street, together with the large YARD, 
Stables (for 6 horses), Offices, Carriage Sheds, &c.
The yard would be well-suited for a shoeing smith, 
and would be let separately is desired.
Apply to: Mr. FLETCHER, Estate Agents,
46 Friargate.
Preston Chronicle  30th November 1878
Preston Guardian  February 2nd 1879
Preston Guardian  29th September 1883
Preston Guardian  3rd November 1883

Looking at the Harp Inn, you  query Roger  /  Robert Gardner's age in
the 1841 census. In that census the ages of adults (20 and over) were
rounded down to the nearest 5 years, so Roger / Robert's age was 25 - 29
(and judging from later censuses was probably 28). Also, in the 1841 census
there is no indication of relationships, so Margaret and Margery are not
necessarily Roger / Robert's wife and daughter. Furthermore, I think
Robert did have a sister Margaret, five years older than he was.

Robert Gardner married in 1847, (Mary) Jane Irwin, who was the sister
of Sarah Agnes Parker (nee Irwin), so there is a family connection at
the Harp Inn, the Roebuck Hotel, Lancaster Road, and Shelley Arms in
Thanks go to N.S.
Roger Gardner                    25 years                  Coal and Beerseller  (I think his name was Robert)
Margaret Gardner               30                           Wife?
Margery Gardner                13                           Daughter?  (Is Roger's age correct?)
         See notes from a relative immediately above these Census Returns.

Robert Gardner                  38 years                  Coal Dealer & Beerseller   b. Cockerham
Mary Jane Gardner            30                           Wife                                  b. Lancaster
Mary Alice Gardner         Under 3 months         Daughter                            b. Preston
James Gardner                   77                           Father                                b. Cockerham

Robert Gardner                  49 years          Coal Dealer & Beerseller           b. Cockerham
Mary Jane Gardner            40                    Wife / Coal Dealer & Beerseller b. Lancaster
Mary Alice Gardner           10                           Daughter / School               b. Preston
Annie Gardner                     8                           Daughter / School                         do
Lawrence Gardner              6                            Son / School                                 do

Robert Gardner                  58                          Beerseller                           b. Cockerham
Mary Jane Gardner            50                           Wife                                  b. Lancaster
Mary Alice Gardner           20                           Daughter                           b. Preston
Lawrence Gardner             16                           Son                                            do
Annie Gardner                   18                           Daughter                                     do


Adam Walton                    59 years                  Beerseller                      b. Dalton, Cumbria
Mary Walton                     55                           Wife                                  b. St. Helens
Margaret Walton               30                            Daughter                           b. Preston
John Walton                      26                            Son                                            do
Ann Walton                       25                            Daughter                                   do
Katherine Walton              19                            Daughter                                    do
Thompson Walton             16                            Son                                            do
Adam George Walton        11                           Son                                            do

Alfred Gibson                    37 years                   Beerseller                         b. Preston
Mary Jane Gibson             35                            Wife                                          do

Alfred Gibson                    47 years                   Beerseller                         b. Preston
Mary Jane Gibson              46                           Wife                                          do
   Alfred and Mary Jane had had three children, all of which had died.

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