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Thursday, 1 November 2012

JOINERS' ARMS, Lord Street

36 or 38 Lord Street
(2 & 4 Lord Street in 1904)
The name later changed to "DERBY ARMS" after the closure 
of the Derby Arms in Back Lane
Formerly called the "JOINERS' ARMS"
The name was changed when the Derby Arms on Back Lane (now Market Street) closed.
Both properties were owned by the Earl of Derby.
The property next but one to the left of the Derby Arms as we look at it, was the "Green Man Inn"
1810 -                   Mrs. Foster - married Jeffrey Wignall 22.4.1810
1817                     Mrs. Mary Eastham   m. Richard Morris on 24th October 1817
1818 - 29              Henry Bowerbank
1831 - 33              Benjamin Raby   -  went to the Shelley Arms in 1834.
1833 - 41              Thomas Raby
1845 - 51              John Worthington
1851 - 60              William Forrest
1860 - 61              George Rigby
1865                     William Adcroft
1869 - 87              James Ward
1887 - 98              John Threlfall Cartmell
1898                     James Holt   -  In 1901 census, Holt and his family were living in Cross Street, Preston.
                                                    He was still listed as a Licensed Victualler, so I wonder whether there 
                                                    was a reason why they were living away from the premises, but still
                                                    running the Joiners' (by then it was the Derby Arms). It is also possible 
                                                    that they had nothing to do with these premises at that date. Further
                                                    enquiries to be made.
According to the Licensing Court Records, the name changed on the 5th April 1899. The Earl of Derby
owned both these premises and the one's that had been demolished in Back Lane.

1901                  Herbert Clifford Sargent   - in 1901 census at 236 St. Paul's Road - Brewer's Manager. Worked for Shoe Street Brewery.
1903 - 10            Edward Lofthouse
1911 - 13            James Campy
1917                    Peter Knowles
1924 - 27            Mrs. Agnes Knowles
1932                    William Cross
1936 - 40            James Thomas Cross
1944 - 48           William Harrison
MARRIAGE:   On the 24th ult., Mr. Richard Morris,
sizer, to Mrs. Mary Eastham, of the Joiners' Arms,
both of Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  1st November 1817
Preston Chronicle  5th January 1833
Preston Guardian  22nd November 1845
Preston Guardian  19th January 1850
Preston Guardian  12th October 1850
Preston Guardian  23rd November 1850
Preston Guardian  4th January 1851
STRAYED from a field at Adamson House Farm,
in Catforth, on Tuesday, the 9th instant, 
FOUR BLACK-FACED EWES, (in lamb), and
marked with red across the loins.

Any person giving such information as will lead
to their recovery to Mr. FORREST, Joiners' Arms,
Preston, will be rewarded for his trouble.
Preston Chronicle  20th March 1852
Preston Guardian  31st July 1852
Preston Guardian  8th  January 1853
William GREGG was charged with robbing John FORREST,
a butcher, of Lord Street on the previous evening. The parties
had been tossing and drinking at the Joiners' Arms public house, 
in Lord Street, and shortly before eight o'clock Forrest went out
to the back premises, when he was soon afterwards joined by
Gregg. When Forrest returned to the house he missed 18s 9d,
which he believed Gregg had stolen, and gave information to
the police.

Gregg was apprehended in Brunswick Street, by Beckett and 
Steinson, and a considerable sum of money was found in his
possession, though he had had in the course of the day borrowed 
a shilling from Forrest.

He was committed for trial.
Preston Chronicle  27th March 1858
 Preston Guardian  17th August 1861
Preston Guardian  28th September 1861
With immediate possession
That old-established and well-accustomed,
market house, the Joiners' Arms Inn, Lord
Street, with convenient and extensive Stabling,
Yard, &c.
Stock low.
For particulars apply to Mr. Birkett, Land Agent,
Bull Inn Court, Preston
Preston Chronicle  14th December 1861
Preston Guardian  1st April 1865
Preston Guardian  3rd June 1865
Preston Guardian  5th December 1891
Preston Herald  13th November 1901
Thomas Raby                     30 years                  Publican
William Raby                       6                            Son
Elizabeth Raby                     4                            Daughter

John Worthington               38 years                  Publican                  b. Leyland
Ellen Worthington              35                            Wife                       b. Garstang
Richard Worthington          12                           Son                         b. Preston
Robert Worthington            9                            Son                                 do
Alice Worthington               7                            Daughter                         do
Margery Worthington          3                            Daughter                         do
Ellener ? Worthington          2                            Daughter                         do

George Rigby                    33 years                   Lic. Vict.                b. Haighton
Lydia Rigby                       38                            Wife                               do
Grace Rigby                        8                             Daughter               b. Preston
Mary Rigby                         6                             Daughter                       do
Elizabeth Rigby                   4                              Daughter                       do
John Rigby                          2                              Son                              do

James Ward                     39 years                    Innkeeper               b. Withnell
Jane Ward                        38                            Wife                       b. Penwortham
Mary Ward                       5                              Daughter                b. Preston
Martha Ward                    4                              Daughter                         do
Elizabeth Ward                  2                              Daughter                         do

James Ward                    47 years                    Innkeeper                b. Blackburn
Jane Ward                      46                              Wife                       b. Penwortham
Mary Ward                     16                              Daughter                b. Preston
Martha Ward                   14                             Daughter                          do
Elizabeth Ward                12                              Daughter                          do
Frank Ward                      9                               Son                                 do
Jane Ward                        5                               Daughter                         do

John Threlfall Cartmell     29 years                    Publican                  b.Preston
Mary Cartmell                 25                             Wife                                do
William Cartmell               7                              Son                                 do
James Ward Cartmell       5                               Son                                do


James Campy                 41 years                    Publican                  b. Gt. Harwood
Grace Campy                 38                             Wife / Assistant       b. Clayton-le-Moors
Arthur James Campy      15                             Son / Assistant                     do
Grace Campy                 13                             School                                 do 

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