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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

IMPERIAL HOTEL, Lord Street / St. John Street

26 Lord Street  /  15 St. John Street
1869 - 71              George Woods
1873                     William Swarbrick
1876                     Edmund Bennett
1876 - 77              John Southworth
1878 - 81              William Kilner
1881                      George Partington
1882 - 89              Margaret Curwen
1889 - 91              Richard Parkinson #
1895 - 1904          Margaret Parkinson
1907 - 19              John Bowe Parkinson
1926 - 27  NO MENTION

# The Licensing Court Records only show a Margaret Curwen and a Margaret Parkinson
     as being landladies at the Imperial.  I have no idea whether they are the same woman.
Preston Chronicle  18th September 1869
Preston Herald  28th June 1876
 Preston Guardian  9th December 1876
PPreston Guardian  9th December 1876
Important Discovery of the MISSING KEYS of
TRINITY WARD. Found by candle Light, Two
Rusted Keys, supposed to belong to a Currier and
Leather Merchant.

The boast owner of these keys can have them
restored on condition, viz., that the Candidate
selected by him shall be returned at the next Election.

- Application to be made at the Imperial Hotel, 
27 Lord Street, Preston, when the keys will be
restored on giving a full description and paying all
necessary expenses.

Preston Chronicle  23rd December 1876
 Preston Herald  3rd January 1877
Preston Guardian  10th August 1878
Preston Guardian  17th August 1878
Preston Guardian  2nd August 1879
Preston Guardian  17th April 1880
Elizabeth Mayor was charged with stealing 17/6
from the person of Septimus Ware, mechanic, of 
the Imperial Hotel, St. John Street, on Saturday
evening. It was said that on that evening, the 
complainant, along with a friend name Lewis, called
at the Imperial Hotel. They went into the back 
parlour of the house and ordered two glasses of
beer. A little while after, two women came in. Soon
after, Lewis went into the yard and one of the women
followed, leaving Ware and Mayor in the room. 
Whilst they were out Mayor put her hand in Ware's 
pocket, and took all his money (17/6) out.

Ware happened to get hold of her hand and struck it,
when 1/6 fell to the floor. Whilst he was picking it up,
the prisoner ran out and the complainant followed her,
got hold of her, and she shouted, "Jim," whereupon
a man rushed out, knocked Ware down, and kicked
him so he could not walk. Ware called Lewis and a
witness to corroborate his evidence.

Mayor was committed to the Session for trial.
Preston Chronicle 11th December 1880
Lancashire Evening Post  15th February 1907
Lancashire Evening Post  5th February 1919
George Woods                 63 years                    Innkeeper                   b. Salmesbury
Elizabeth Woods               59                             Wife                           b. Withnell
Mary Ann Woods             25                             Daughter                    b. Salmesbury
Elizabeth Woods               14                             Daughter                    b. Preston
Emmanuel Woods             28                             Son                            b. Salmesbury        

George Partington             27 years                    Innkeeper                  b. Preston
Mary Ann Partington         51                             Mother                               do
William Partington             54                             Father                                 do
Mary Ann Partington         18                             Daughter                             do
Joseph Partington              12                             Son                                    do
 This is how the Census entry read, but I think Mary & Joseph should have read brother & Sister

Richard Parkinson             43 years                   Publican                     b. Preston
Margaret Parkinson           43                            Wife                                   do
Lily Bowe Parkinson          23                            Daughter                   b. Salford
Annie Bowe Parkinson       18                           Daughter                            do
George Bowe Parkinson     16                           Son                                   do
John Bowe Parkinson         14                           Son                                   do
Nellie Bowe Parkinson         9                           Daughter                    b. Manchester

Margaret Parkinson           55 years                   Publican                     b. Preston
Annie Bowe                      27                            Daughter                    b. Salford
George Bowe                    26                           Son                                     do
John Bowe                        24                           Son                                     do
Nellie Bowe                      19                            Daughter                    b. Manchester

John Bowe                        32 years                  Public House Manager  b. Manchester
Nellie Bowe                      26                           Sister / Assistant                     do
Annie Bowe                      36                           Sister / Assistant                     do
George Bowe                    34                           Brother                                  do

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