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Sunday, 21 October 2012

HORSE AND FARRIER, Melling St / Kilshaw St.

17 Kilshaw Street
Melling Street - back entrance.
23 Lady Street
This photogrpah comes courtesy of Meanderman (Harry) - from his Flickr Collection.
The building immediately to the left of the Horse and Farrier, on the far side of North Road, and the corner of Sedgwick Street, is the Lord Nelson Inn.
Stephen Scragg was the landlord from 1907 until at least 1940,
and the pub was widely known purely as "SCRAGGS"

1851                        James Heys
1853                        Alice Heyes
1860                        Enoch Dickinson   d. 15.7.1860
1861                        Catherine Dickinson
1869 - 71                 James Clayton
1871                        Joseph Crook
1877 - 88                Thomas Coup(e)
1888                        Charles Robert Halton
1889 - 91                John Catterall
1891                        James Holden
1891                        Mary Hothersall
1891 - 93                John Catterall
1893 - 1901            James Wilding
1901 - 03                Edwin Rose
1903 - 04                George Swann
1907 - 36               Stephen Scragg   - NB: I have received information from Stephen Scragg's great great 
                                                          grand-daughter that Stephen Middleton Scragg died here in 1936. 
                                                          It is likely that the pub was run by his son, Albert, or his son-in-
                                                          law, John Wharton, ran it after his death. Further enquiries are on 
                                                          my to-do-list.
1936 - 48               Albert Scragg
The inquest over the body of ENOCH DICKINSON, landlord
of the Horse and Farrier, Kilshaw Street, whose suicide we 
referred to in the supplement:-

Catherine Dickinson, wife of the deceased, said that her 
husband was 47 years of age, and that the week before Whitsun 
he went to keep the Horse and Farrier beer-house, and nearly
ever since which time he had been low-spirited, and fancied he
had been a wicked man. About three weeks ago she found a rope
with a noose in it, in his coat pocket. She took it from him and
locked it up. She said his lowness of spirits was not on account
of drinking, and that she had found cords in his pockets on
previous occasions. She had been afraid for some time that he
would destroy himself, and had kept a close watch on him.

On Sunday night last, the deceased went to bed with her at
12 o'clock. About 3.45am next morning she missed him, but had
not heard him get up. She searched for him, and found him in
the brew-house. He was hanging by his neck from a beam.

The police witness understood that the deceased had received
notice to leave from Messrs. Horrockses, Miller & Co., in
whose employ he had been for about 20 years, when he took
the beer-house, and he became very low-spirited after that.

The jury returned a verdict that he had hanged himself, 
whilst in a state of insanity.
Preston Chronicle 21st July 1860
Preston Guardian  11th November 1871
Preston Guardian  18th November 1871
Preston Guardian  30th May 1874
Preston Chronicle  11th May 1889
Preston Guardian  21st October 1893 
Preston Guardian  28th October 1893

Catherine Dickinson               49 years                  Beerseller               b.    ?
Jane Dickinson                       21                           Daughter                b. Preston
George Thomas Dickinson     12                           Son                                do

Joseph Crook                        27 years                  Beerseller               b. Brindle
Alice Crook                           28                           Wife                      b. Chipping
Annie Crook                          7                             Daughter                        do
Margaret Crook                     3                             Daughter                b. Standish

Thomas Coupe                      59 years                  Beerhouse Keeper  b. Walton-le-dale
Catherine Coupe                   59                            Wife                       b. Preston

James Holden                       26 years                  Innkeeper                b. Preston
Margaret A. Holden             25                            Wife                        b. Bamber Bridge
Edith Holden                         4                             Daughter                 b. Preston
Bertha Holden                       3                             Daughter                           do
Annie Holden                        1                             Daughter                           do
John W. Holden                   32                            Lodger                              do

John Wilding                        62 years                   Beerseller                b. Preston
Jane Wilding                        42                             Wife                               do

Stephen Scragg                   58 years                   Innkeeper                b. Oxford
Alice Scragg                       58                            Wife                        b. Preston
Edith Scragg                       28                   Daughter /  Cotton Weaver      do
Albert Scragg                     25                     Son / Cotton Spinner             do
Flora Scragg                      20                   Daughter / Cotton Weaver       do


  1. Wow! Really pleased to find this! I have long looked for a photo of the Horse and Farrier! Stephen Middleton Scragg was my great great grandfather! He died at the pub in 1936 so a little earlier than your notes say. I think possibly his son Albert or my great grandfather John Wharton (Stephen's son in law) may have taken over after his death. My grandmother, Florence Wharton, lived there for a time but not sure exactly when.

  2. Thanks for your update. I would love to know any further information. How do you know he started there in 1907? I have him there on the 1911 census but on the previous four census he was a cotton spinner so started life as a landlord quite late! He was 83 when he died in 1936! I think possibly John Wharton my great grandfather may have taken over but he later ran the Herman Hotel/Inn on Aqueduct Street and was there in the mid 1940s when my dad and his brothers were born.

  3. Thank you so much for all of this wonderful and historic information. It is over 50 years since I regularly trawled the area. The Meadows Arms; The Fleece Inn; The Stone Cottage; before wandering over to Lancaster Road and The Black A' Moor. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't the Horse and Farrier has licences to sell beer, but not spirits?