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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

NEW PARK INN, Great Hanover Street

14 Great Hanover Street
- Given as 41 Gt. Hanover Street in the 1851 Census -
formerly called the
All details on this page.
The change of name occurred around January 1868
The 'barrel-drop' into the cellar of this house......

Fascinating details on the New Park Inn, Great Hanover Street, Preston.

I was brought up in Great Hanover Street in the 1950s and vividly remember the Lion dray calling at the pub especially when on holiday from school. It was quite a spectacle to see the barrels thrown off the lorry onto cork filled sacks then roped to lower down the barrel slide.

The ropes used to get hot, and burn with the huge weight being held. The ropes were put through eyes built into the side of the dray which took the weight, and I always remember the dray lurching over as the barrel weight was taken up by it!!!

My mum and dad used to drink in there up to 1959 or so.  My mum was good friends with the landlady Kitty (my mum incidentally was the cleaner at the Stone Cottage Inn at the time). Kitty had a son who committed suicide and I remember the ambulance taking him away from the pub. She never got over it, and the pub shut after that, maybe 1960. It was demolished in 1967 or so.

In the 1840s, as with lots of pubs being built then, the pubs and shops were put up if needed or not, so the house builders could raise some money to keep their development going. The houses would be in-filled between the pubs and shops. The name change occurred when Moor Park was opened, hence the New Park Inn! Maybe 1860s as you speculate. The building was a typical 1950s pub with the classic lion pub touch of having its original handmade brick exterior covered in exterior plaster, painted cream, and lined out to look like stone. The sign was centrally placed over the central door, and was as I remember dark green with gold lettering saying New Park Inn, in bold capital letters.

At the left hand side there was a lobby through to St. Paul's Road and our chip shop. It had a street lamp just outside the pub corner wall which we, as kids always congregated under. We used to nick into the pub yard and pinch empty Ellis Wilkinson pop bottles or Guinness bottles, and take them to shops or off licences for 4d refund on each. We also used to put a purse on a piece of black cotton and wait for customers to come out of the pub, who, when they saw the purse would reach down for it, only for us to pull it away with the cotton! Great fun.....

As I stood by the cellar drop many, many times, I can attest to the the fact of it (the cellar drop shown in the picture), being located outside the Hanover Inn/New Park Inn at Great Hanover Street, Preston. The footprint of the pub can still be made out and the lobby is still there but clogged up by shop keeper’s rubbish.
These memories are contributed by Paul Taylor

1849   Premises built - see below sale notice.
1850 - 51                 John Fox   -  owned by him.
1851                        Richard Bentley
1851                        John Smith     - still owned by John Fox.
1852 - 53                John Hartley
1856                        James Blackburn
1856                        William Green
1859                        Robert Baxendale
1859 - 62                Thomas Howe
1862                        Henry Taylor
1865                        Elizabeth Sharples
1865                        Thomas Cushion
1865 - 68                 John Tuson  -  also the owner.
1868 - 74                 Robert Bibby
1874 - 75                 Thomas Prescot(t)    -  also the owner.  In the P.C. 5.6.1875 there is a record of Thomas Prescott handing the license to Henry Heaps.
1875                        William Gradwell    - not sure where Gradwell fits in.
1875 - 77                 Henry Heaps
1877                        Alice Heaps
1881 - 92                 Robert Prescott
1892 - 98                 Richard Cuerden
1899 - 1907             Margaret Cuerden
1910 - 11                John Sharrock
1913                        Thomas Green - son-in-law of John Sharrock: see 1911 census.
1917                        W. Sharp
1932 - 36                Thomas S. Howarth
1940                        Richard Anderton
1944 - 48                Robert Spencer
Preston Chronicle 29th May 1852
Spirit Licence granted to John Hartley in October 1852.
WILL SELL BY AUCTION, on Tuesday next, at
the Hanover Tavern, Hanover Street, Preston
ALL the STOCK-IN-TRADE of a Beerseller 
and Retail Brewer, Furniture, &c.
Sale to commence at 10am

For particulars see posters, or apply to
Mr. FARNWORTH, Public House Agent and
Valuer, of 18 years experience, 
No. 5 Butler's Court, Preston.
Preston Chronicle  26th January 1856
A PUBLIC HOUSE, with good business, in a 
densely populated thoroughfare, known by the
name of the "HANOVER TAVERN," Great
Hanover Street, Preston.

The above house, which will be offered upon such
easy terms as to enable any person with a moderate
capital to take possession, is well fitted up with
brewing utensils, and part with furniture, which will
be taken at valuation.

An industrious couple, wishing to commence public
business, should apply on the premises, or to the owner, 
Mr. JAMES BLACKBURN, Cotton waste dealer,
Edward Street Mill, Preston
Preston Chronicle  16th February 1856
Preston Chronicle  21st February 1857

Preston Chronicle  23rd March 1861

Preston Chronicle  7th May 1862
Preston Chronicle  14th June 1862
Preston Chronicle  6th September 1862
Preston Chronicle 10th June 1865
At the Borough Police Court, on Monday last, Mr. Edelston, on
behalf of Mr. John Tuson, a factory operative, applied that the 
licence of the Hanover Tavern, which he, Mr. Edelston said was
unfortunately so well known to the Bench, might be transferred
to the said John Tuson, who he added, was a respectable
young man, and worked at Messrs. Wilding and Sharple's Mill.
The application was granted.
Preston Chronicle  21st October 1865
Preston Chronicle  28th October 1865
On 21.12.1869 at the NEW PARK INN,
ALL that well-accustomed and licensed INN or
situate on the south-east corner of Great Hanover
Street, and within a few yards of St. Paul's Road, 
Preston, together with the excellent Brew-house, 
Stable, Piggeries, and Yard, all in the occupation 
of Mr. Robert Bibby, as tenant.

The premises are freehold of inheritance, and are 
in a good state of repair, and are situate in a good
business locality.

For further particulars apply to
Mr. John Tuson, the owner.
Preston Chronicle  4th December 1869
Preston Chronicle  23rd September 1876
Richard Bentley                      44 years                    Publican                       b. Ireland
Ellen Bentley                           45                             Wife                            b. Chorley
Anthony Bentley                     17                             Son / Mechanic's Appr b. Preston
Sarah Bentley                         15                             Daug / Cotton Minder           do
Joseph Bentley                       13                             Son / Mechanic's Appr.         do
Edward Bentley                     12                             Son / Mechanic's Appr.         do
William Bentley                       9                              Son / Scholar                        do
Maria Bentley                         7                              Daug / Scholar                      do
Richard Bentley                      5                              Son / Scholar                        do

Thomas Howe                       31 years                    Publican                        b. Preston
Jane  Howe                           30                             Wife                              b. Lancaster
Ellen Howe                             8                              Scholar                         b. Preston
Robert Howe                         4                               Scholar                                 do
Ann Howe                             3                               Scholar                                 do
Thomas Howe                       1                               Scholar                                 do
Ellen Caunce                         50                              Visitor                          b. Ormskirk

Robert Bibby                         33 years                     Publican                      b. Prescott
Jane Bibby                             31                              Wife                           b. Preston
William Bibby                         8                               Son                                      do
Mary Ann Bibby                    5                                Daughter                              do
Ellen Hannah Bibby                12 months                  Daughter                              do

Robert Prescott                     30 years                     Publican                       b. Wheelton
Alice Prescott                        34                              Wife                            b. Preston
Ann Prescott                          11 months                  Daughter                             do

Robert Prescott                      38 years - widower.  Publican                       b. Wheelton
Robert Prescott                      11                             Son                             b. Preston

Margaret Cuerden                 54 years                    Publican                       b. Preston
Alice Cuerden                       39                             Sister                                    do
Maggie Cuerden                   19                             Niece                                    do
Henry Cuerden                     16                             Nephew                                do
Richard Cuerden                   14                            Nephew                                do
Mary E. Cuerden                  11                             Niece                                   do
Ellen H. Cuerden                   9                              Niece                                    do
Agnes Bostock                     27                            Domestic Servant          b. Oldham

John Sharrock                      69 years                   Publican                        b. Lancaster
Agnes Green                        37                            Daughter / Assistant                 do
Thomas Green                     42                             Son-in-law / Assistant   b. Preston
Jane Sharrock                      15                            Grand-daughter /                    do
                                                                                           Cotton Weaver



  1. I have a Henry Ware Steib as Publican in the 1881 census

    1. Henry was at the New Park Inn in Brackenbury Street. Thanks for your interest. It's an unusual name that I seem to recall from elsewhere. I seem to recall him having something to do with footwear, and that he may have been a (professional?) walker.
      Write to me via the Contact page if you wish.

    2. Yes! He was a boot and shoe maker, and running the Rose Inn / Standard Rose Inn, Ribbleton Lane, in 1879.