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Sunday, 5 February 2017

DRUIDS' ARMS, 38 Queen Street

38 Queen Street
The Druids' Arms sat under the walls of Horrockses Factory. The Queens Street
Business Park / Shopping Precinct is where this pub was.
1841               John Cocker
1841 - 60       John Watson
1860 - 71       Richard (Robert) Tuson
1871 - 73       Thomas Bilsborrow
1876 - 85       Doctor Whittaker
1885 - 86       Elizabeth Whittaker
1886 - 95       Thomas Aspin

28th August 1895  A licence was refused by the Justices on the grounds that the house wasn't necessary.

18th October 1895  Appeal against the above was dismissed at Quarter Sessions.

NB.  Thomas Aspin had been prosecuted twice for serving out of hours (9.11.1888 & 1.3.1895 were the
                         Court dates).
On Saturday 5th January 1867, a meeting in connection with the
District Widow and Orphan's Fund of the above Order, was held
at the house of Mr. Richard Tuson, Druids' Arms, Queen Street,
when the accounts were read over, which proved highly satisfactory.
Afterwards, munificent gifts were granted to the widows and for the 
education of orphan children.
Preston Chronicle  12th January 1867
In a case involving the DRUIDS' ARMS,
there was a reference to the floor of the 
house being flagged.
Preston Chronicle  9th October 1875
I've no doubt that many, if not most, of the premises were flagged, 
but it isn't often that you see a reference.
Preston Chronicle 9th December 1876
The Chief Constable objected to the renewal of the license of the Druids' Arms, Queen Street, kept by Thomas Aspin, on the grounds that the landlord was not a fit person, and also that the license was not required. Mr. Blackhurst appear for Mr. Little,, and Mr. Parker applied for the renewal of the license.
Mr. Blackhurst submitted a list of convictions against the landlord, and showed that the license had been endorsed for the selling of drink during prohibited hours on Sunday 31st March, 1895. Mr. Blackhurst said that the landlord was the owner of the house, and therefore nothing could be urged as to hardship to a person for the sins of another.
Mr. Parker urged that one of the offences alluded to occurred eight years ago, and while admitting that the last conviction was a most serious one, he begged the Magistrates not to ruin the landlord by refusing the renewal of the license. 
The Court decided against the renewal.
Blackburn Standard  31st August 1895
John Watson                   35 years                Publican
Richard Watson              20                         Brewer
Jane Watson                   20                         Weaver
Agnes Watson                65                         Independent

John Watson                  46 years                Publican                      b. Preston
Jane Watson                  37                         Sister-in-law                        do

Richard Tuson               34 years                Innkeeper                    b. Preston
Margaret Tuson             29                         Wife                                    do
Elizabeth Hodgson Tuson  8                        Daughter                              do
Mary Alice Tuson             2                        Daughter                              do
Margaret Jane Tuson        1                        Daughter                               do

Richard Tuson               45 years                Lic. Beerseller              b. Preston
Margaret Tuson             38                         Wife                                     do
Elizabeth Tuson              19                         Daughter                              do
Mary Alice Tuson           12                        Daughter                               do
Margaret Jane Tuson      10                         Daughter                              do
Hannah Tuson                  8                         Daughter                               do
Eleanor Tuson                  6                         Daughter                               do
William Tuson                  3                         Son                                       do
Grace Tuson                    7 months             Daughter                                do


Thomas Aspin              57 years                  Lic. Vict.                     b. Preston
Jane Aspin                    48                          Wife                                     do
James Aspin                 26                          Son                                       do
Theresa Aspin              24                           Daughter                              do
Rose A. Aspin              20                          Daughter                               do

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