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Sunday, 1 December 2013

ANGLERS' INN, 4 Pole Street

4 Pole Street / 34 - 38 Lord's Walk
The Angler's first landlord was Matthew Brown, whose brewery was diagonally across
the road from this house.
The stonework above the entrance was a well-known feature in
the town. It is believed that when the building was demolished
in the 1960's, it was taken to the Matthew Brown depot in
Blackburn, and was forgotten.  A scandal! 

The sign was unique among pub signs [see below], carved in what may have been marble, 
covered with a kind of plaster. The ancient fisherman was complete with fishing
rod, extending over the pavement, and a net with which he is taking a fish.
"When I was a child I was told by my grandfather, that the stonework above the Anglers Inn in Pole St was of my GGG Grandfather Thomas Banks 1781 to 1865, who lived on Bell St, a good friend of Matthew Brown; they often went fishing together."

Furthermore, the same Thomas Banks

was the inspiration behind the naming 

of the renowned "Old Tom Ale."

                 p.p. Clare P. [nee Banks]  13.9.2012

The following is a portion of an article by J.H. Spencer

of the Preston Herald, in the early 1940's:-

J.H.Spencer perhaps, had not heard the above story.

And also this portion from the same article:-

The story behind the entrance door lamp. It isn't known

whether it was the Pole Street or the Lord's Walk


1839                  Joseph Brown  -  Owned by Joseph Brown.
1839 - 59          Matthew Brown
1859 - 76          Joseph Tate
1876 - 93          Thomas Barrow
1893 - 98         William Dobson
1898                 Henry Blackburn *died the day before the Licence Transfer day, so technically was never landlord.
1899                 Eleanor Blackburn
1899                Joseph Crombleholme
1901                Frank Hurst
1902                Wilhemena Hurst
1904 - 05         John Hopkinson
1905                Mrs. Mayor ?
1907 - 08        James Whittingham    d. 28.1.1908
1910 - 11         Peter Brierley
1913 - 14        Elizabeth F. Moat.  d. 21.2.1914
1917 - 20        William Oakley (Oakey)    d. 2.8.1920 -  63 years.
1924 - 39        William Banks  d. 5.11.1939 aged 68 years.
1939                Mrs Sabina Banks  - daughter? of William. His wife was already dead.
1944                Mrs. Elizabeth Banks
1948                James Howarth
1960's              Ronald Martin - the landlord at the time of its closure.
Preston Chronicle  9th April 1842
Preston Chronicle  3rd January 1846
A cow, belonging to Mr Richard Longworth, famer, of Grimsargh, gave birth, on the 12th June, to a calf with two heads, and double-joints.

In consequence of the size of the calf, it had to be killed during its birth. The heads, which are perfectly formed, join each other angularly. They are at present in the possession of Mr. Tate, of the Anglers' Inn, Pole Street.
Preston Pilot   27th August 1859

Joseph Tate adopted the above business at the Anglers' Inn.

Mourning Orders will at all time meet with prompt
and become attention, and no driver's fees charged.
       Preston Chronicle  19th October 1861  [Advert]
Regarding the 1862 Guild Festivities:-
Preston Chronicle  6th September 1862
At the Guild of 1862 Joseph Tate was the landlord, and in the Trades Processions the Smiths started from the Anglers' Inn. They were headed by a man in armour on horseback representing Vulcan, behind which equestrian group came a lorry drawn by two horses. On this was a workman's bench at which were engaged three men and a boy making and fitting up the framework of a lamp for Joseph Tate of the Anglers' Inn. The lamp was still preserved in 1941, and at that time was hanging over the doorway at the entrance to the inn.
Preston Chronicle  28th November 1863
A bus, drawn by four horses, was engaged of the proprietor
of the Anglers' Inn, Joseph TATE, to run from Preston to 
Blackburn and back for the first time on Wednesday, week.
It will carry 20 persons. The return trip will cost 2s. whereas
the same trip by train would be 3s.
Preston Chronicle 12th March 1864
Preston Chronicle  20th August 1870
 Lancashire Evening Post  5th May 1906
 Lancashire Evening Post  28th January 1908
 Lancashire Evening Post  23rd May 1919
 Lancashire Evening Post   28th July 1919
Lancashire Evening Post  3rd August 1920
 Lancashire Evening Post  7th November 1939
 Lancashire Evening Post  28th September 1943
Matthew Brown

This is Thomas Barrow who was the landlord from 1877 - 1893, but he had been
in Pole Street much earlier in his life. In the 1841 Census he is with Matthew Brown
and family as an apprentice cooper, aged 15 years. In 1851 he had moved to Blackburn,
employed as a cooper. By 1861 he was in Clitheroe, and described in the Census as
a "common brewer".  Information courtesy of a descendant, Daphne Jones.
A later photograph of Thomas Barrow
J.H. Spencer, a reporter with the Preston Herald, described this inn in 1941 as 'a perfect specimen of an early Victorian inn, unspoilt yet by modernity.' At that date, compared with others it was not a very old inn, but it did have originality. Ir was erected about 1840, and 100 years later it looked exactly the same as when built. The land on which it was built was a former stone-mason's yard and its chief characteristic was a large sculpture plaque over the doorway. This depicted an angler in the act of fishing. He wore the quaint costume of the day (1840's), which included a semi-tall hat, his fishing basket over his shoulder, and in his right hand he holds the fishing net to receive the fish he is supposed to have caught! In his other hand is the rod complete with line held aloft. The whole piece of work was a delicate and attractive work of art, and the angler represented is believed to have been a friend of Matthew Brown, the first landlord after it was built.

Matthew Brown lived at the Anglers' Inn until about 1860, afterwards moving to East View, and later, just before his death in 1883, he resided at Moorfields, Ribbleton. He always retained his affection for the Anglers' Inn, and after his firm had been made into a limited company in 1875, the statutory annual meetings were held in November, the shareholders being always entertained to luncheon there. In the early days it was well known as the meeting place of various trade societies of the town, and was famous for its catering.
This memorial to a large portion of Matthew Brown's family,
stands in Preston Cemetery.
Matthew Brown                 30 years                     Publican
Ellen Brown                       35                              Wife
Ann Brown                        10                              Daughter
Joseph Brown                     9                               Son
Maria Brown                      4                               Daughter
John Brown                        3                               Son

Matthew Brown                 44 years                    Beerseller                     b. Salmesbury
Ellen Brown                       46                             Wife                             b. Liverpool
Joseph Brown                    19                          Son / Brewer                   b. Preston
Richard Brown                   6                               Son                                       do
Mary Elizabeth Brown        4                               Daughter                               do
Margaret Dawson              20                              Servant                       b. Salmesbury 
Mary Watson                    19                              Servant                       b. Grimsargh

Joseph Tate                       46 years                     Innkeeper                    b. Chipping
Alice Tate                          47                              Wife                            b. Grimsargh
Margaret Tate                    21                              Daughter                     b. Preston

Joseph Tate                      56                              Innkeeper                    b. Chipping
Alice Tate                         58                              Wife                            b. Grimsargh
Margaret Tate                   30                              Daughter                     b. Preston
Alice Tate                          8                               Daughter                     b. Hull

Thomas Barrow              54 years                      Licensed Victualler      b. Leyland
Alice Barrow                   50                              Wife                            b. Hesterton, Yorkshire

Thomas Barrow             65 years                       Licensed Victualler      b. Preston
Alice Barrow                 68                                Sister                          b. Preston

Frank Hurst                   37 years                      Publican                     b. Runcorn
Wilhemina Hurst            39                               Wife                   b. Holmfirth, Yorkshire
Wilhemina Hurst             9                                Daughter                    b. America
Gordon Hurst                 7                                Son                                        do

Hannah Brierley            72 years  - widow        Housekeeper                b. Mellor
Elizabeth Brierley          51                               Daughter / Servant         b. Salmesbury
Mary Brierley               47                               Daughter / Servant                   do
Ann Brierley                 46                               Daughter / Servant                   do
Peter Brierley               32             Son            Publican / Landlord       b. Pleasington

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