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Thursday, 19 April 2012








Adelphi Street
1838    James Hunter
Preston Chronicle  10th November 1838
Although this says 'Bricklayers,' I'm sure
we're talking about the same place.
Preston Chronicle  5th September  1840
James Hunter                      35 years                              Brickmaker
Ellen Hunter                        30                                       Wife
John Hunter                        13                                       Son
Ellen Hunter                         7                                        Daughter

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Lune Street
1834    Robert Hind
Preston Chronicle 12th April 1834
The information given in the 1st paragraph would
place the premises on the east side of Lune Street,
adjacent to the buildings on Chapel Walks.
.....ROBERT KELL, the younger, 
formerly of the 'Exchange Tavern'
Lune Street, Preston, Licensed
Victualler, afterwards of Fylde Road,
Preston, out of business, and late
 of Hasrrington Street, Preston,
provision dealer.
Preston Chronicle 3rd March 1838

Friday, 13 April 2012


formerly the "BOWLING GREEN"
1834                       Richard Duckett
1835                       Robert Jordan
Mr. S. McKie, of the Rainbow Tavern in this town, has this week 
received a nugget of gold ore from Australia, forwarded by a
 relative who is at the "diggings."The ore is 1lb 5 oz in weight, 
and is well-stored with precious metal, being valued at about £10.
Preston Chronicle  11th September 1852
There is no evidence that it is this 'Rainbow Tavern' but in the absence
of another one, I've put the information here.
ALSO - he doesn't have to be the landlord.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Local History Societies
Family History Groups
Rotary  /  Probus  /  W.I.  /  Other Groups
In fact, ANYONE!
or a
Steve Halliwell - In bird watching mode.
Talks on various aspects of Preston's local history.

1. My work as a Local History Detective
2. The use of blogspots to attract new interest & information.
                - either as a talk or an extended Workshop - 
3. Old Inns and Taverns of Preston.
4. The History & Natural History of St. Kilda.
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Quebec Hotel, Moor Lane.
Queen's Hotel, Butler Street.
Queen Adelaide, St. John's Place.
Queen Adelaide, New Hall Lane.
Queen Ann, St. John's Place.
Queen Catharine, Bridge Lane.
Queen's Arms Inn, North Road.
Queen's Hotel, Church Street.
Queen's Palace, Clayton Street.
Queen's Head, Adelphi Street.

Raby's Arms, Upper Walker Street.
Railway Hotel, Butler Street.
Railway Hotel, Moor Lane.
Railway Tavern, North Street.
Railway Tavern, Tithebarn Street.
Rainbow Inn, 29 Avenham Lane.
Rainbow Tavern, Friargate.
Ram's Head Inn, Gin Bow Entry.
Ravenswood Castle, Patten Street.
Red Lion Hotel, Church Street.
Red Lyon, Church Gate.
Regatta Inn, Fishergate Hill.
Ribble View Inn, Wellfield Road.
Ribblesde Inn, Broadgate.
Ribbleton Mill Tavern, German Street.
Rifleman Inn, Water Street.
Ring O'Bells, High Street.
Rising Sun Inn, Elizabeth Street.
Roast Beef Tavern, Friargate.
Robin Hood Inn, Atkinson Street.
Roebuck Hotel, Lancaster Road.
Ropemakers' Arms, Grimshaw Street.
Rose and Crown, North Road.
Rosebud Hotel, London Road.
Rose Inn, Ribbleton Lane.
Rose Tavern, Rose Street.
Rose, Shamrock & Thistle, Bridge Street.
Royal George Inn, Hudson Street
Royal Hotel, 23 Church Street.  
Royal North Lancashire Hotel, Friargate.
Royal Oak Inn, Adelphi Street.
Royal Oak, St. John Street.
Royal Oak Inn, Plungington Road.
Royal Rover Inn, Warwick Street.
Royal Sovereign, Warwick Street.

Saddle, The.  Blelock Street.
Sailors' Home, Marsh Lane.
Sailors' Return, Marsh Lane.
Sawyers' Arms, Snow Hill / Lawson Street.
Sebastopol Inn, Lark Hill Street.
Setting Dog, Back Weind.
Shakespeare Tavern, Strait Shambles.
Shawe's Arms, London Road.
Sheds, The., Aqueduct Street.
Shelley Arms Hotel, Fishergate.
Shepherds' Inn, North Road.
Shepherds' Tavern, Laurel Street.
Ship Inn, Fylde Road. 

Shooters' Arms, Park Road.
Shovel and Broom, Fishergate.
Shovel and Broom, North Road.
Shovel and Broom, Patten Street.
Shoulder of Mutton Inn, Lancaster Road.
Shuttle Tavern, Crown Street.
Sir Charles Napier, 7 Edgar Street.
Sir John Franklin, Pole Street.
Sir Robert Peel, Newton Street.
Sir Tatton Sykes, Syke Hill / Berry Street.
Sir Walter Scott Inn, North Road.
Sir William Wallace, Church Street.
Sir William Wallace, Canal Street.
Sitting Goose, North Road.
Skeffington Arms, Ribbleton Lane.
Slaters' Arms, Bishopsgate.

Slip Inn, Turk's Head Yard.
Soapery Tavern, Gradwell Street.
Soldiers' Welcome, Patten Street.
South Meadow Tavern, South Meadow Lane.
Southgate Tavern, Southgate.
Spindlemakers' Arms, Lancaster Road.
Spinners' Arms, Lancaster Road.
Spotted Cow, High Street.
Spread Eagle Hotel, Lune Street.
Springfield Inn, Marsh Lane.
St. George's Hotel, Lovat Road.
St. John's Tavern, Avenham Lane.
St. Leger Inn, Grimshaw Street.
St. Leger Inn, Stoneygate.
St. Mary's Hotel, St. Mary's Street.
Standard Rose Inn, Ribbleton Lane.
Stanley Arms, Church Street.
Stanley Arms Hotel, Lancaster Road.
Stanley Vaults, Stanley Street.
Star and Garter, Brook Street.
Star Hotel, Ribbleton Lane.
Star Inn, Lawson Street.
Station Tavern, Butler Street.
Station Tavern, Fletcher Road.
Steamer Hotel, Fylde Road / Water Lane.
Stephenson's Arms, Holstein Street / East Street.
Stevenson Arms, Butler Street.
Stockwell Inn, Brook Street.
Stone Cottage Inn, Egan Street.
Stone Jug Inn, Haydock Street.
Stoneleigh Abbey, Fishergate.
Stocking, The.  Back Weind.
Strawberry Gardens, Hudson's Brow.
Sun Inn, Friargate.
Sun Inn, Church Street.
Sun Inn, Main Sprit Weind.
Swan Inn, Churchgate
Swan Inn, New Street.
Swan with Two Necks, Strait Shamble.
Swan with Two Necks, Fishergate.

Tacklers' Arms, Bridge Lane.
Talbot Inn, Chapel Yard.
Tanners' Arms, Adelphi Street.
Tap Room, Church Street.
Taylor's Arms, Fylde Road.
Telegraph Inn, Maudland Bank.
Thatched House, Avenham Road.
Thatched House Tavern, Fishergate.
Theatre Tavern, Fishergate.
Third Duke of Lancasster's Own, Ribbleton Lane.
Th'ole in't Wall, Fylde Road.
Three Crowns, Canal Street.
Three Crowns, Stanley Street.
Three Tuns, North Road.
Three Tuns, High Street.
Tim Bobbin, St. John Street.
Tithebarn Street Tavern, Tithebarn Street.
Tom Bowling, Savoy Street.
Townley Arms, Astley Street.
Travellers' Inn, Moor Lane.
Travellers' Rest, Orchard Street.
Turf Tavern, Water Street.
Turf Tavern, Gorst Street.
Turk's Head, Turk's Head Court/Yard.
Turners' Arms, Turner Street.

Unicorn Hotel, North Road.
Union Hotel, Maudland Bank / Pedder Street
Union Inn, Albyn Bank Street.

Vauxhall Tavern, Vauxhall Road.
Vicarage Inn, Vicarage.
Victoria & Albert Hotel, Brougham Street.
Victoria Inn, Adelphi Street.
Victoria Tavern, Walker Street.
Victoria and Station Hotel, Fishergate.
Vine Inn, Hopwood Street.
Vine Tavern, High Street.
Volunteer, Back Weind (Lord Street)
Volunteer Inn, Bow Lane.
Vulcan's Arms, High Street.

Waggon and Horses, Lord Street.
Wakeley's Arms, Lancaster Road.
Watering Trough, Fylde Road.
Waterloo Hotel, Friargate.
Weavers' Arms, King Street.
Weavers' Arms, Milton Street / Moor Lane.
Welcome Inn, Duke Street East.
Wellfield Tavern, Adelphi Street.
Wellington Inn, Bedford Street.
Wellington Inn, Fletcher Road.
Wellington Inn, Glovers' Court.
West End Tavern, Dunderdale Street.
West End Tavern, Taylor Street.
West Riding Railway Inn, North Street.
Wheatsheaf, Gin Bow Entry.
Wheatsheaf, Water Lane.
Wheatsheaf, Fishergate.
Wheatsheaf, Starch Houses / Back Lane.
White Boar, London Road.
Whte Bull, Church Street.
White Bull, New Street.
White Hart, Gin Bow Entry.
White Horse Inn, Friargate.
White Horse, Fishergate.
White Horse, Waterside.
White Lion, Syke Hill.
White Lyon, Church Gate.
White Swan, New Street.
Whittle and Steel, Back Lane.
Windmill Inn, Moor Lane.
Windmill, The.  Bottom of Friargate.
William the Fourth, London Road
Windsor Castle, Egan Street.
Woolpack Inn, Back Lane.

Ye Olde Blue Bell, 114 Church Street.
York Castle, Adelphi Street.
York Hotel / York Tavern, Church Street.

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Machine Makers' Arms, North Road.
Malt Kiln Tavern, Mill Bank, Church Street.
Malt Shovel, Patten Street.
Man and Shoe, Turk's Head Court.
Mariners' Home, Marsh Lane.
Market Hotel, St. John Street.
Market Inn, Market Street.
Market Tavern, Lune Street.
Marsh Lane Tavern, Marsh Lane.
Masons' Arms, Mason Street.
Maudland Bank Inn, Maudland Bank.
Maudland Inn, Pedder Street.
Meadows' Arms, Meadow Street.
Mechanics' Arms, Fish Street.
Mechanics' Arms, Bridge Lane.
Merchants' Arms, Oak Street.
Mill Stone Tavern, Moor Lane.
Mill Tavern, North Road.
Miners' Home, Marsh Lane.
Mitre Inn, Market Place.
Mitre Inn, Fishergate.
Mitre Tavern, Moor Lane.
Moor Brook Inn, North Road.
Moor Hall Inn, Hammond Street.
Moor Park Inn, Garstang Road.
Morning Star, North Road.
Morning Star, St. Austin's Road.
Moss Rose Inn, Fylde Road.
Moss Tavern, Fylde Road.
Moulders' Arms, Edmund Street.
Moulders' Arms, Turk's Head Yard.
Mountain Stag, Mill Bank, Church Street.
Mount Tavern, Mount Street.

Nag's Head, Friargate.
Napolean Inn, Bushell Street.
Navigation Inn, Marsh Lane.
Nelson's Monument, Ribbleton Lane.
Neptune Inn, Strand Road.
New Anchor Inn, Marsh Lane.
New Baths Inn, Melbourne Street.
New Beef Inn, Friargate.
New Britannia Inn, Heatley Street.
New Cattle Market Inn, Brook Street.
New Cock Inn, New Cock Yard.
New Cross, Saul Street.
New Duke, Edward Street.
New Fighting Cocks, Fylde Street.
New Fleece, Meadow Street.
New Gas Inn, Lawson Street.
New Hall Lane Tavern, New Hall Lane.
New Harbour Tavern, Spring Street.
New Hollins Inn, Paradise Street.
New Holly Inn, Sizer Street.
New Inn, North Road.
New Inn, Heatley Street.
New Inn, Queen Street.
New Lamb Inn, 115 Park Road.  
New Legs of Man, Fishergate
New Park Inn, Brackenbury Street.
New Park Inn, Great Hanover Street.
New Quay Inn, Marsh Lane / Strand Road.
New Royal George, North Road.
New Ship, Marsh End
New Sun, Ribbleton Lane.
New Tariff, Marsh Lane.
New Tiger, Stanley Street.
New Town Hall Tavern, Main Sprit Wiend.
New Weavers' Arms, Carlisle Street.
New Welcome Inn, Sizer Street.
Night Hawk Inn, Plungington Road.
North End Hotel, Corporation Street.
North Euston Hotel, Moor Lane.
North House, Fishergate.
North Lancashire Hotel, Fishergate.
North Road Hotel, North Road.
North Star, Great George Street.
North Star, Hawkins Street.
North Street Inn, Hawkins Street.
North Union Hotel, Butler Street.
North Union Railway Hotel, Butler Street.
North Western Hotel, 33 Lancaster Road South.
North Western Hotel, Fishergate.

Ocean Monarch, 7 Sidney Street East.
Oddfellows' Arms, Ladybank Street.
Oddfellows' Arms, Fox Street.
Oddfellows' Arms, Mount Street.
Oddfellows' Arms, Gorst Street.
Oddfellows' Arms, Leeming Street.
Oddfellows' Arms, Lancaster Road.
Oddfellows' Arms, Oxford Street.
Oddfellows' Arms, Park Road.
Oddfellows' Arms, Adelphi Street.
Oddfellows' Arms, London Road.
Old Black Bull Inn, 35 Friargate.
Old Britannia Tavern, Friargate.
Old Cock Inn, Old Cock Yard.
Old Dog Inn, Church Street.
Old England Hotel, Ribbleton Lane.
Old House at Home, William Street.
Old House at Home, Salter Street North.
Old King's Head, Friargate.
Old Legs of Man, Fishergate.
Old Oak, Ribbleton Lane.
Old Oak Tree, Marsh Lane.
Old Quay Inn, West Strand Road.
Old Red Lion, Church Street.
Old Royal George, North Road.
Old Sir Simon, Friargate.
Olive Branch, Back Canal Street.
Oliver Cromwell, Shepherd Street.
Ormskirk Tavern, High Street.
Oxheys Hotel, Plungington Road.
Oxford Tavern, Bowker Street.

Pack Horse Inn, Heatley Street.
Pack Horse, Walker Street.
Packet Boat, Ashton-on-Ribble.
Pagannini Tavern, Hope Street.
Painters' Arms, High Street.
Palace Inn, Grimshaw Street.
Palatine Hotel, Avenham Lane.
Paradise Tavern, William Street.
Park Hotel, East Cliff.
Park Road Inn, Park Road
Park Tavern, Dover Street.
Parkers' Arms, Manchester Road.
Park Place Tavern, Park Place.
Paviors' Arms, Fylde Road.
Pedder's Arms, Wellfield Road.
Pedestrian Arms, Heatley Street.
Peel Hall Hotel. Peel Hall Street.
Peel's Arms, New Hall Lane.
Pet Dogs Inn, Green Street.
Pied Bull, Scotland Road (Park Road)
Piel Castle, Brougham Street.
Pilot Inn, Addison's Yard.
Pioneer Inn, Victoria Street.
Plasterers' Arms, Oak Street.
Plasterers' Arms, Glover Street.
Plasterers' Arms, Hope Street.
Pleasure Boat Inn, Ribbleside.
Plough, New Hall Lane.
Plough Inn, Friargate.
Plough Tavern, Orchard Street.
Plumbers' Arms, Fylde Street.
Plumpton Brook Inn, Snow Hall / Lawson Street.
Plungington Tavern, Plungington Road.
Pork Market Tavern, Ratcliffe Street.
Port Admiral, Lancaster Road.
Preston & Longridge Railway Hotel, Deepdale Street.
Prime Jug, Back Lane.
Prince Albert, 65 Pleasant Street.
Prince Albert, 101 Ribbleton Lane.
Prince Albert Tavern, London Road.
Prince Arthur Hotel, Moor Lane.
Prince Arthur Inn, Avenham Lane.
Prince Consort, Aqueduct Street.
Prince Consort, Stanley Street.
Prince of Peace, Turner Street.
Prince of Wales Feathers Inn, Back Lane.
Prince of Wales Inn, High Street.

Prince Patrick Hotel, Friargate.
Prince Regent Tavern, Egan Street.
Princess Alexandra, Fylde Road.
Princess Alice Inn, Hammond Street.
Princess Royal Inn, Byron Street.
Public Hall Hotel, Ratcliffe Street.
Punch Tavern, Ribbleton Lane.
Punch Bowl and Grapes, St. John Street.


Eagle and Child, New Street.
Eagle and Child, Church Street.
East Lancashire Hotel, Butler Street.
Edinburgh Castle, St. Paul's Square.
Eldon Hotel, Eldon Street.
Elephant, The   10 Brieryfield Road.
Elephant and Castle, Bridge Lane.
Empire Hotel, Tithebarn Street.
Empire Wine Stores, Friargate.
Engravers' Arms, Salmon Street.
Euston Hotel, Euston Street.
Exchange Hotel, Fox Street
Express Inn, St. Paul's Square.

Falcon Inn, Adelphi Street.
Falcon, The  Leeming Street.
Farmers' Arms, Back Lane.
Farmers' Home, Back Lane.
Fat Scott, Avenham Lane.
Fazackerley's Arms, Oxford Street.
Ferret Tavern, Friargate.
Field Marshall Lord Raglan's Inn, Harrington Street.
Fighting Cocks, Fylde Street.
Fighting Cocks, Moor Lane.
Fisherman's Cabin, Duke Street.
Fishwick Road Inn, Fishwick Road.
Fitters' Arms, William Street.
Fleece Inn, St. John Street.
Fleetwood Arms, Bridge Lane.
Fletchers' Arms, Fletcher Road.` 
Fly Boat Tavern, Marsh Lane / Bridge Lane.
Flying Dutchman, Queen Street.
Flying Horse Inn, Church Street.
Foresters' Arms, Avenham Lane.
Foresters' Arms, Newton Street.
Forresters' Arms, Shepherd Street.
Fortune of War, Mill Bank, Church Street.
Foundry Arms, Shepherd Street.
Fountain Inn, Water Lane.
Fox and Duck, Croft Street.
Fox and Duck, Kilshaw Street.
Fox and Goose, Bolton Street West.
Fox and Grapes, Fox Street.
Fox and Grapes, Ribbleton Lane.
Fox Street Tavern, Fox Street.
Freemasons' Tavern, Nile Street.
Free Gardeners' Arms, Park Road.
Free Gardeners' Arms, Bridge Lane.
Free Gardeners' Arms, Avenham Lane.
Free Trade Inn, Guy's Row.
Frenchwood Tavern, Avenham Lane.
Friar's Gate Inn, 82 Friargate.
Friargate Inn, 82 Friargate.
Friendship Tavern, Ashmoor Street.
Fruiterers' Arms, Tithebarn Street.
Fulwood Railway Hotel, Ribbleton Avenue.
Fylde Tavern, Friday Street.
Fylde Tavern, Fletcher Road.

Garden Gate, Queen Street.
Garden's Inn, Hudson's Brow.
Garrick's Head, North Road.
Garth's Arms, Avenham Street.
Gas Inn, Lawson Street.
Gas Tavern, Avenham Lane.
Gas Works Tavern, Avenham Lane.
General Codrington, New Hall Lane.
General Havelock Hotel, Plungington Road.
General Lee, Duke Street.
Geoffrey Arms, Maitland Street.
George Inn, Friargate.
George Inn Concert Hall, Friargate.
George Hotel, Church Street.
George Hotel, Market Street.
George the Third, Brook Street.
Gibraltar Inn, New Hall Lane.
Glass Barrel Hotel, 23 Church Street.  
Globe, New Street.
Globe Inn, Grimshaw Street.
Globe Tavern, Heatley Street.
Glover Street Tavern, Glover Street.
Golden Anchor, Anchor Weind.
Golden Ball Inn, Main Sprit Wiend.
Golden Ball, New Street.
Golden Cross Hotel, Shambles.
Golden Cross Hotel, Lancaster Road.
Golden Lion, Ward's End.
Golden Lyon, Cheapside.
Gordon Street Tavern, Gordon Street.
Goulborn Inn, Golbourne Street.
Grand Junction Hotel, Watery Lane.
Grapes and Punchbowl, St. John Street.
Grapes Inn, Church Street.
Great Britain, Friargate.
Great Hanover Tavern, Gt Hanover Street.
Grecian Inn, Lord Street.
Green Dragon, Lancaster Road.
Green Man, Lord Street.
Green Man, Back Wiend.
Greenbank Tavern, Aqueduct Street.
Greenbank Tavern, Victoria Street.
Grey Horse, Church Street.
Grey Horse and Seven Stars, Fishergate.
Greyhound, Park Road.
Greyhound Inn, London Road.
Griffin Inn, Water Street.
Griffin's Head, Lancaster Road.
Grove Inn, Fylde Road.
Guild Hall Tavern, Library Street.
Guild Concert Hall, Library Street.
Guild Inn, Ribbleton Lane.
Guild Tavern, Park Road.
Guy's Row Inn, Guy's Row / Park Road

Halfway House, New Hall Lane.
Happy Cottage, Higginson Street.
Hare and Hounds, Avenham.
Hare and Hounds, North Road.
Hare and Hounds, Five Lane Ends.
Hare and Hounds, Porter Street.
Harp Inn, Church Street.
Harrington Hotel, Harrington Street.
Harrison's Hill Tavern, Harrison's Hill.
Hawkin's Arms, Adelphi Street.
Hay Tavern, St. John Street.
Haymarket Tavern, Clayton's Court.
Heart and Shamrock, Back Canal Street.
Hearts of Oak, William Street.
Hearts of Oak, Adelphi Street.
Hen and Chickens, Bridge Street.
Hen and Chickens, Fox Street.
Her Majesty's Hotel, Moor Lane. 
Hermon Hotel, Aqueduct Street.
Hero of Vittoria, North Road.
Hesketh Arms, Lancaster Road.
Hesketh Arms, Preston Quay.
Hesketh Arms & Cemetery Hotel, New Hall Lane.
High Street Tavern, High Street.
Highland Lad, North Street.
Highland Laddie, Avenham Street.
Holy Lamb, Church Street.
Holy Lamb, Fishergate.
Hoop and Crown, Friargate.
Hornby Castle, Brook Street.
Hornby Castle, Park Road.
Horrock's Arms, Bedford Street.
Horse and Farrier, Top of Lord Street.
Horse and Farrier, Melling Street / Kilshaw Street.
Horse Shoe Hotel, Church Street.
Horse Shoe, Back Lane / Orchard.
Hotel National, Friargate.
Humphrey's Clock, Addison's Yard.
Hunt's Arms, King Street.
Hunt's Tavern, Park Lane (North Road)
Hyde Park, St. Paul's Road.

Imperial Hotel, 23 Church Street.  
Imperial Hotel, Lord Street / St. John Street.
Imperial Tavern, Friargate.
Important Fact, Ladyman Street.
Iron Duke, North Road.

Jenny Lind, Church Street.
Jenny Lind, Patten Street.
Jerry Lobby Inn, Salmon Street.
John Bull, Heatley Street.
Jolly Miller, Crown Street.
John O'Gaunt, Avenham Lane.
Joiners' Arms, Lord Street.
Jolly Sailors, Stanley Street.
Jolly Tars, Mount Pleasant.
Judge and Struggle, Ormskirk Road.
Jutland Street Tavern, Jutland Street.
Joiners' Arms, Moor Lane.

Kendal Castle, Ladyman Street.
Keystone Inn, Brook Street.
King Street Tavern, King Street.
King William IV, London Road
King's Arms, Stanley Street.
King's Arms, Church Street.
King's Arms and Woolpack, Church-gate.
King's Head Hotel, Friargate.
Knowsley, The,  Lancaster Road
Knowsley Hotel, Knowsley Street.

Labourers' Arms, Canal Street.
Lady of the Lake, Tithebarn Street.
Lamb Hotel, Church Street.
Lamb Inn, Park Road.
Lamb Tavern, King Street.
Lamb and Packet Inn, Friargate.
Lancashire Lasses, Brook Street.
Lancashire Leaper, Brook Street.
Lane Ends Hotel, Blackpool Road.
Lane Tavern, North Road.

Lark Hill Tavern, Richmond Street.
Latham House, St. John's Place.
Legs of Man,  Gin Bow Entry.
Lime Kiln Inn, Aqueduct Street.
Little Bridge Inn, Ribbleside.
Little John Inn, Atkinson Street.
Liver Hotel, Friargate.
Liverpool House, Shepherd Street.
Lodge Bank Tavern, Leeming Street.
Longridge Railway Tavern, Deepdale Street.
Lord Hill Inn, Adelphi Street.
Lord Napier of Magdala, Adelphi Street.
Lord Nelson Inn, North Road.
Lord Raglan Inn, Harrington Street.
Lovat Road Hotel, Lovat Road.
Lune Bridge Inn, Malt Street, Breweryfield.
Lutwidge Arms, Peel Hall Street.